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city people

break on first

construction crew taking a short break on first avenue at 51st street.

construction 50th & 1st 4.07

  may all be happy

happy hair

union square park, april 2013.

happy hair (3)

may all be happy.

big city game

union square park at 14th street.  all are invited to play!

chess game giant (2) copy

 may all be happy & winning big every day.

statue girl

you may be familiar with the various people who pose as the statue of liberty, commonly found around the touristy areas of manhattan. a unique job, probably not so common in other areas of america. besides the statue of liberty, there are other interesting ‘statues’ that can be found around town. i found this ‘statue’ at 5th avenue at 59th street last summer.


statue girl

may all be happy & still

modeling in the city

it would be a challenge to be bored while wandering the streets of manhattan, which is just one reason i love the warm weather – more wandering.  this was a photo shoot i happened upon on east 57th street last summer.

City Girl Model

may all be happy & filled with beauty.

bonnets in the city

easter 2013 nyc peeps (86)

easter 2013 nyc peeps (88) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (208) ♥ easter 2013 nyc peeps (222)

easter 2013 nyc peeps (239) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (248) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (249) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (317) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (414)

may all be happy & bright!

happy tree head

 houston street in march.

aldo on houston street (1)

may all be happy

commuting in the city

roberto prepares for a relaxing ride home from his job as one of midtown’s most loved doormen.




may all be happy
& happily employed!

leaving the city

wishing you a great new adventure.  r.i.p., whoever you are . . . .

harlem funeral (2)

may all be happy.

central park love

central park love

may all be happy.

zen city dancing

dancer blue door

may all be happy & dance out loud!

new boots and a smoke

 secret smoker spotted outside the walls of the united nations on 1st avenue near 47th street.

may all be happy


keep calm & skate on

meet beefy.  here’s beefy taking his owner out for a walk in union square park and soaking up the sunshine.



may all be happy & loved!

occupy space



may all be happy & occupy – or not.


my colorful city



may all be happy and highly decorated!

person of interest

the cast and crew from the cbs show person of interest have taken over the neighborhood for the last couple of weeks.  i’ve been trying to get discovered but no one seems to be paying attention.

may all be happy!

is this clear?

people sometimes say new yorkers are rude.  i disagree.   i believe city peeps are more likely to say it as it is, rather than wait for you to guess what they mean & engulf words with sweet fluff.   that’s a good thing.

may all be happy

(& find good parking!)

east 57th street

could there be any better shopping?

may all be happy & prosperous!

park avenue fun

may all be happy & whimsical.

decorating east 57th street

nice work, alfred.

may all be happy & beautiful!

styling with pride

style. we all have our own . . .



may all be happy!

sunday morning

not a good way to start the week.  this man got arrested in the east river. the boat then delivered him to the fdr drive at east 52nd street.

may all be happy & free from harm.

rat on the ‘a’ train

thankfully, i did not take this photo – but i do want to share it with you!


photos / article

may all be happy and safe!

east 57th street

honey, what shall we name the company?

may all be happy!