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trump tower on 1st ave.

building in building (2)

may all be happy & shine.


easter after easter

5th avenue on easter day – a great place to be.


easter bonnet

IMG_6689  IMG_6720  IMG_6573  IMG_6884  IMG_6934






may all be happy.

mixing it up



may all be happy & smiling.

houston st. love

the always entertaining, latest edition of the ck billboard on e. houston @ lafayette street



may all be happy &  peaceful.

city in the flower

flower art in the city on second avenue at 47th street.  look closely & see the city blooming inside the flower.


city flower best




may all be happy & blossom.

the big hunt


penny egg  on park avenue at 54th street. one of many fabulous faberge eggs placed throughout the city as part of the big hunt.


may all be happy & lucky!

window view



may all be happy & safe.

building explosion in east harlem

people are still missing.  your prayers are appreciated. . . .





may all be at peace.


tribeca eats


may all be happy.

made in the city

west broadway, nyc.


may all be happy .

beautiful buildings everywhere

74 &  Lex (10)


2nd Ave 60's

city sky (1)


57th & Sutton (21)


harlem in dec 2012 (24)


may all be happy.

calm in the city

sutton place park on 57th street at the east river.  lovely.


bench (2)

may all be happy and calm.


triangle between canal, varick, and laight streets.

“Albert Capsouto was a devoted and beloved member of his community who worked relentlessly in a deeply personal way to ensure federal assistance for small businesses and retailers in the tragic wake of 9/11,”
~ NYC Parks Commissioner Benepe

houston street car pix nyc (4)

may all be happy & honored.

stone cold & dirty



may all be happy & warm.

who’s your daddy?

1st  avenue at 52nd street:

DNA Testing Truck (6)

may all be happy & loved.


manhattan sky light

traffic light (4) 


may all be happy & bright




hold tight!

grafitti truck (3)


may all be happy & colorful




dealing with things is tricky

dealing grafitti


may all be happy & deal. . . .



acme smoked fish


may all be happy and abundant


feeling this way today

one of the many magnificent designs of my favorite wall.  east houston street, nyc.

Houston St Wall July 2011 (6)


may all be happy.

nigerian parade

nigerian parade  –  2nd avenue, october 5th. 2013

IMG_4231 IMG_4164 IMG_4239 IMG_4293 IMG_4319



may all be happy.

the plaza

Plaza 1


may all be happy & prosper.



inside central park

central park landscape (4)

central park

central park model (2)

central park model (1)

may all be happy and prosper.