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nyc art

city art

2014-11-23 14.00.35 copy



may all be happy



blooms on lex

2014-11-04 16.51.53

may all be happy & bloom.


midtown blues

the lipstick and citicorp buildings on a cold steely day in the city.

nyc e 54th st 3rd ave (5)

may all be happy & warm.


sidewalk shadow


shadow self


may all be happy & still.


just saying. . . .

not the same


may all be happy.

collecting flowers in the park

gandhi in union square park, collecting daffodils.


ghandi necklace (5)

may all be happy.




trump tower on 1st ave.

building in building (2)

may all be happy & shine.


easter after easter

5th avenue on easter day – a great place to be.


easter bonnet

IMG_6689  IMG_6720  IMG_6573  IMG_6884  IMG_6934






may all be happy.