a daily dose of the city i love


light of the united nations

traffic light in front of the united nations building 1st avenue at 47th street.

light at united nations

may all be happy.




jeff’s house

u.n plaza towers on the east river.

un plaza east river


may all be happy.

engine co, 53

fire company


may all be happy & safe.


solstice in the square

yoga in times square  –  a perfect summer solstice celebration.


. IMG_7934



just saying. . . .

not the same


may all be happy.

tao of the city

tao (1)

may all be happy & know the tao.

spring swimming in central park


central park duck swim (8)

may all be happy & free.



collecting flowers in the park

gandhi in union square park, collecting daffodils.


ghandi necklace (5)

may all be happy.