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always interesting

really,  it’s almost impossible to get bored here.  i love this town!

may all be happy!



rat on the ‘a’ train

thankfully, i did not take this photo – but i do want to share it with you!


photos / article

may all be happy and safe!

east 57th street

honey, what shall we name the company?

may all be happy!

donald’s town

when you live in the city, it’s almost impossible to not know who your neighbors are sometimes  –  especially when you can see their name everyplace you look.  this is down the street from me on 48th & 1st ave. derek jeter’s place in the trump world tower is currently available for $18 million if you need a place in the city.

fleet week in the city

a salute to our service men & women who put on amazing musical performances yesterday in times square.

may all be happy & safe.

welcome to summer in the city

  i wish for you to enjoy every day!

may all be happy & loved.


much of the time people may appear ordinary on the outside which is just a cover up for an extraordinary inside.

may all be happy & free.

rush hour rain

1st avenue at 52nd street during rush hour on a rainy day.

may all be happy & peaceful!

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