a daily dose of the city i love


driving nyc

may all be happy.


41st  street at bryant park, nyc.  beautiful!

may all be happy!

fenced in

houston street construction. will it ever end?

may all be happy & free from harm

870 un plaza

i love surprises  –  and the city is full of them.  from the outside you have no way of telling how amazing the inside may be.  the un plaza is located on 49th and the fdr drive. you may not guess by the outside that it’s one of ny’s most elegant residential buildings. it was the home of walter kronkite, robert kennedy, many actors, well known authors and, my friend jeffrrey lives there  🙂

may all be happy & prosperous!

free in the square

union square park is a place where you cannot be bored – unless you’re an alien.

may all be happy & joyful

(and dance)

city friends

may all be happy & free

earth day turns 42

mother nature has been doing a good job spring cleaning this earth day –  at least in nyc.  it’s been raining in the city most of the day.  get ready for more flowers!

may all be happy and peaceful.


central park tulips in april.

may all be happy

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