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contemplation in the park

central park in the summer time.


2014 central park (1)

may all be happy and thoughtful.



spring swimming in central park


central park duck swim (8)

may all be happy & free.



the plaza

Plaza 1


may all be happy & prosper.



inside central park

central park landscape (4)

central park

central park model (2)

central park model (1)

may all be happy and prosper.

statue girl

you may be familiar with the various people who pose as the statue of liberty, commonly found around the touristy areas of manhattan. a unique job, probably not so common in other areas of america. besides the statue of liberty, there are other interesting ‘statues’ that can be found around town. i found this ‘statue’ at 5th avenue at 59th street last summer.


statue girl

may all be happy & still

central park love

central park love

may all be happy.


central park tulips in april.

may all be happy