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drinks downtown

lower east side window.



may all be happy

break on first

construction crew taking a short break on first avenue at 51st street.

construction 50th & 1st 4.07

  may all be happy

fog in the city

the citicorp building is located on 53rd street & lexington avenue.  built in 1977, it is 59 stories high.

citicorp fog (1)


may all be happy & clear.


the color of harlem

harlem in dec 2012 (19) harlem in dec 2012 (21) harlem in dec 2012 (24) harlem in dec 2012 (14)




may all be happy.




zen city dancing

dancer blue door

may all be happy & dance out loud!

united nations

my view of the united nations building on first avenue at 47th street.

united nations nyc

may all be happy & united.

collective insanity

collective insanity on 2nd avenue at 50th street.

may all be happy, healthy, wealthy & wise.

is this clear?

people sometimes say new yorkers are rude.  i disagree.   i believe city peeps are more likely to say it as it is, rather than wait for you to guess what they mean & engulf words with sweet fluff.   that’s a good thing.

may all be happy

(& find good parking!)