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the plaza

Plaza 1


may all be happy & prosper.



wigman wendell (6)

may all be happy & free to choose!

entertain me

washington square park entertainment.  these peeps were amazing!

union sq music (10) union sq music (14) union sq music (15)

union square games

 concentration in the square.


union sq chess (3)

model girl

east river drive at 49th street.


crowded in the city

the new citibank bike-share program got its start over the memorial day weekend.  no helmets required.

citi bikes (1)

may all be happy & safe.

blue in the square

blue statue girl.  union square park in may.

blus statue girl union sq (3)

may all be happy & still.

pix n the park

washington square park photographer.

photographers (2)

may all be happy

church in the city

lower 5th avenue church in the village on a sunny may day!

5th ave church (1)

may all be happy

east river dusk

East River 59th street bridge1


may all be happy & bright

modeling in the city

it would be a challenge to be bored while wandering the streets of manhattan, which is just one reason i love the warm weather – more wandering.  this was a photo shoot i happened upon on east 57th street last summer.

City Girl Model

may all be happy & filled with beauty.

the naked cowgirl

for your entertainment, the naked cowgirl plays guitar on the street.

naked cowgirl (1)


may all be happy.

popeye on houston street at night!

solar houston street


may all be happy & strong

rally for non-violence

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher and an ambassador of peace, speaking at dag hammarskjold plaza on March 30th, 2013.

“Have faith that the Divine loves you dearly and is taking care of you. Have the trust and faith that you will get whatever is needed in life.”
~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (68)  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (65)  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (16)

may all be happy and non-violent!

the original house of fragrances

harlem building painted (2) copy

may all be happy

bonnets in the city

easter 2013 nyc peeps (86)

easter 2013 nyc peeps (88) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (208) ♥ easter 2013 nyc peeps (222)

easter 2013 nyc peeps (239) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (248) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (249) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (317) 

easter 2013 nyc peeps (414)

may all be happy & bright!

sunshine in the city

i can almost smell the spring  . . .  happy to know it’s on its way!


Downtown Doors 56 spring

 may all be happy.

commuting in the city

roberto prepares for a relaxing ride home from his job as one of midtown’s most loved doormen.




may all be happy
& happily employed!

art in the city

Downtown 201223


may all be happy.

downtown nyc


door no. 7

 door 7


May all beings in the universe be happy.

May we all be free from suffering and pain.

May we all be free from attachment, greed, anger and ignorance.

May we all attain perfect peace and happiness and compassion.


houston street cab ride

houston street cab ride


may all be happy.

leaving the city

wishing you a great new adventure.  r.i.p., whoever you are . . . .

harlem funeral (2)

may all be happy.

fog in the city

the citicorp building is located on 53rd street & lexington avenue.  built in 1977, it is 59 stories high.

citicorp fog (1)


may all be happy & clear.


zen city dancing

dancer blue door

may all be happy & dance out loud!