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little corner juice bar

east harlem, nyc.

2014-11-23 14.13.08_1

may all be happy & drink juice 




spring st art (5) copy_1

.may all be happy




soho picture wall (1) copy copy

may all be happy.


sidewalk shadow


shadow self


may all be happy & still.


light of the united nations

traffic light in front of the united nations building 1st avenue at 47th street.

light at united nations

may all be happy.



just saying. . . .

not the same


may all be happy.


trump tower on 1st ave.

building in building (2)

may all be happy & shine.


easter after easter

5th avenue on easter day – a great place to be.


easter bonnet

IMG_6689  IMG_6720  IMG_6573  IMG_6884  IMG_6934






may all be happy.

beautiful buildings everywhere

74 &  Lex (10)


2nd Ave 60's

city sky (1)


57th & Sutton (21)


harlem in dec 2012 (24)


may all be happy.

stone cold & dirty



may all be happy & warm.

sticker art

Downtown Doors 96

may all be happy.

union square games

 concentration in the square.


union sq chess (3)

model girl

east river drive at 49th street.


church in the city

lower 5th avenue church in the village on a sunny may day!

5th ave church (1)

may all be happy

east river dusk

East River 59th street bridge1


may all be happy & bright

statue girl

you may be familiar with the various people who pose as the statue of liberty, commonly found around the touristy areas of manhattan. a unique job, probably not so common in other areas of america. besides the statue of liberty, there are other interesting ‘statues’ that can be found around town. i found this ‘statue’ at 5th avenue at 59th street last summer.


statue girl

may all be happy & still

popeye on houston street at night!

solar houston street


may all be happy & strong

happy tree head

 houston street in march.

aldo on houston street (1)

may all be happy

downtown nyc


door no. 7

 door 7


May all beings in the universe be happy.

May we all be free from suffering and pain.

May we all be free from attachment, greed, anger and ignorance.

May we all attain perfect peace and happiness and compassion.


central park love

central park love

may all be happy.

fog in the city

the citicorp building is located on 53rd street & lexington avenue.  built in 1977, it is 59 stories high.

citicorp fog (1)


may all be happy & clear.


2013 – the limit!

clouds blue sky

may all be happy beyond limits!

zen city dancing

dancer blue door

may all be happy & dance out loud!

collective shadow

nyc (10)

may all be happy