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soho picture wall (1) copy copy

may all be happy.



city art

2014-11-23 14.00.35 copy



may all be happy



on the fdr

23rd street bridge over the fdr drive.

23rd street FDR traffic nyc (1)


23rd street FDR traffic nyc (2)


may all be happy.


solstice in the square

yoga in times square  –  a perfect summer solstice celebration.


. IMG_7934



spring swimming in central park


central park duck swim (8)

may all be happy & free.



beautiful buildings everywhere

74 &  Lex (10)


2nd Ave 60's

city sky (1)


57th & Sutton (21)


harlem in dec 2012 (24)


may all be happy.


inside central park

central park landscape (4)

central park

central park model (2)

central park model (1)

may all be happy and prosper.